Why Give Central?

St. Louis de Montfort gives supporters the option to make donations online, via Give Central.  This gives you increased options and accessibility for giving, and keeps your gift secure.  Supporters may review their history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by simply returning to the Give Central website and logging onto their account.  Changes and updates may also be made through supporters’ secure account page.

Give Central benefits St. Louis de Montfort Parish, by saving money on envelopes and postage.  It is a cost effective online payment solution, which helps St. Louis de Montfort Parish to predict cash flow, and in return helps with budgeting.

How do I sign up for Give Central?

Signing up is easy!  Just follow the steps below to start using Give Central today!

    1. Click on the link
    2. Click the START GIVING button near the lower right corner of the screen.
    3. Type our parish name in the SEARCH BOX.  (HINT:  Type “St. Louis” then scroll to the bottom of the page and find St. Louis de Montfort, 8808 Ridgeland Ave., currently in the middle of the first line)
    4. Click on our PICTURE when it appears.  (NOTE: The picture currently is a graphic image of a gift)
    5. Choose an EVENT to which you would like to donate, and click on that image.  Current choices include Sunday Giving, Restore and Renew, Holy Days etc.
    6. Enter the AMOUNT of your gift, FIRST PAYMENT DATE, FREQUENCY, and END DATE TYPE.  If you choose a CUSTOM END DATE TYPE,  choose your end date.
    7. Click on the ADD TO MY GIFT BASKET button.  You may “checkout” or you may add more gifts.
    8. If you add more gifts, when you are finished, click on MY GIFT BASKET near the top of the page, and verify your gifts.
    9. When you have finished adding and reviewing your gifts, click CONTINUE, and then click on COMPLETE PROFILE to register.
    10. Complete the simple registration form, then click REGISTER AND CONFIRM GIFT.
    11. You are now registered, and your gift will start on the day you indicated.
    12. You can make changes at any time by returning to, and logging into your account.